Sunday, May 10, 2009

For those of you who don't know yet, We have a new Farmers Market in Bellevue. Every Tuesday afternoon in Bryan Park. I went to opening day and was impressed . Even in the pouring rain tons of vendors and customers came out. I got some organic meat, carrots, and salad greens, and all were great. There were at least twenty vendors and they were all eager for business. Here is a link to the organization that runs the event. You can find a list of the farms and businesses that will be at each of the area markets run by them.

Don't forget about the Lakeside farmers market on Wednesday and Saturday.

Remember to bring cash, you do not want to have to write a bunch of small checks to 10 or so different vendors.

See you there!!!!

Holten Gardens

It looks like the garden that many parents have been talking about may finnaly get started. We are having our first meeting Tuesday night. We will be discussing what everyone wants to get out of the project.

Here are a few of the ideas
Classroom gardens for the school kids
An outdoor classroom
A neighborhood community style garden shared with the kids
A portion of the garden going to a local youth grow to grow food for a food pantry
making the garden " park-like" for everyone to enjoy and wander through
making sure that the garden is tied into the schools curriculum

Any other thoughts??

I keep posting on the progress, but we are all prepared for a long project. The one thing that every one wants is to do it right. And we will be dealing with the city and school administration.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Everything is coming up in the garden!! It has been a cold slow start to fresh food. I will get some pictures up later. Now if I can only speed up time, to at least get to pick a fresh spinach salad.